God's Lake: Powerful and empowering

Shayli Robinson / Showbill Canada

“We forgive, but we don’t forget. We’re taught not to hate.” – Ida Wood, member of the fly-in God’s Lake Narrows First Nation located in northern Manitoba.

Kevin Lee Burton, also a member of the nation, is a filmmaker associated with the National Film Board of Canada and co-created God’s Lake with Castlereigh Theatre Project’s co-artistic director Francesca Albright in Castlereigh’s signature style of documentary theatre. In an interview with Showbill, Burton revealed that the piece was originally focused on the murder of 15 year-old community member Leah Anderson, but through the dozens of interviews conducted for the project, it quickly became apparent it was more about how her disappearance and subsequent death affected the community.

Under the direction of Britt Small of Atomic Vaudeville, actors Nick Benz, Nyla Carpentier, Taran Kootenhayoo, and Erica Wilson skilfully portray 24 characters across different genders, ages, and community roles.

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