Support for writers of 'Castle in the Sky'


Reports of any murder invoke horrific thoughts. It is certainly not something anyone likes to read - or think - about. In 2006, three members of one family were murdered in Medicine Hat. "Surely," many of us thought "not in Medicine Hat!" It was true, and it was also true that their 12-year-old daughter and her 23-yearold boyfriend were the murderers.

It shocked the community, and many people asked questions and spoke about it among family, friends and colleagues. This tragedy affected many people not connected with the murders, like it or not, and it didn't go away. Questions remain unanswered.

What Francesca Albright and Jude Allen have done, to express through drama how this incomprehensible event could have happened in Medicine Hat, is a good thing and I support them.

My understanding is that "Castle in the Sky" is not a reconstruction of the murders. I would like to have seen the play before it was set for the Esplanade on July 23, to confidently write about it. As a former newspaper editor and journalist, I have long advocated that people write about what is on their mind and to offer suggestions on what they feel could make a difference in their community.

I am curious about what Francesca and Jude have created, about what they heard - the feelings, the thoughts, and the angst - while talking with local people.

"Castle in the Sky" is about healing. Let's show this sister-and-brother team our support and learn about our community.

David Forbes
Medicine Hat