Play will explore emotions, aftermath of triple murder


A Victoria, B.C. production company is looking for Hatters willing to share their feelings on the murder of the Richardson family. Castlereigh Productions has made three trips to Medicine Hat in the last six months, conducting interviews with community members who want to express themselves.

In no way is this production a reenactment of or an exploitation of the tragic event, Francesca Albright assured Hatters. Instead, the group is currently in the research and development stage for a documentary style play based on the aftermath of the tragedy and how a community copes with their feelings and begins to heal.

Albright and colleagues Jude Allen and Kobi Klassen have conducted several interviews with Hatters affected in a variety of ways. A surprising number have opened up to them and released feelings and emotions related to the event that shook not only the city, but an entire country.

 The trio couldn't comment specifically on who they have interviewed or the type of emotions they have received, as that information is confidential. But they did say people are willing to talk and find it almost therapeutic to share their feelings with individuals they don't know.

"Some have started to heal by openly talking to people not involved in any way," said Klassen. "They find it cathartic to talk to us."

Allen said they became interested in the story after it hit papers in 2006 and opened up a national and even international dialogue about various social concerns. When the research phase ends and a script is drafted - Albright doesn't believe that will happen for a year or more - the
production will debut in Medicine Hat.

"I think everyone would want to see it," said Allen. "The people who won't want to see it are the same ones who aren't reading about it in the papers. They're hiding away from things but that doesn't solve any problems." The team will be back in January to conduct more interviews.

Anyone who would like to share their story or experience on how they were affected or are coping with the tragedy is asked to contact Castlereigh Productions at

All three wanted to make sure Hatters are aware the interviews are confidential and the information won't be shared or sold to anyone else.